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Another year over, and a new one just begun. It's getting to be a habit.

So, a short (at least by my standards) summary of 2009:
2009 )
So, to summarise: it's been a pretty rough year with deaths and layoffs and things like that, but it could have been much, much worse.

Best wishes for 2010, everyone, and thanks for making 2009 a decent year against all odds!
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When I left for work this morning, [ profile] thette tried to explain to Hulda what I do all day:

"Do you remember when we went to the USA and you couldn't understand what people were saying? That's what [ profile] awahlbom does: he makes people understand!" [EDIT: Or maybe it was "...helps people understand". I confess I don't remember the exact wording.]

I'm not sure she managed to convey all the intricacies of technical translation and localisation, but it's a sweet and, for its target demographic, accurate description. :-)
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High points yesterday:

  • I got a package from Amazon, with the Davros box and Doctor Who: The Movie. (Which means I now have spare copies of Genesis of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks.)
  • Chatted with [ profile] thette, which cheered me up immensely (as always).
  • Called my boss Yvonne on her holiday, and got approval for another week's holiday, meaning I'll be off between July 28 and August 22. This will be taken out of my overtime account and not from my accumulated vacation days.
Low points yesterday:
  • Most everything else. A stressful day, one of the worst ten days of my professional life: too much to do in too little time, more jobs kept dropping in, and a communications error between me and a Norwegian freelancer earned me an earful and an invoice for nine hours' wasted effort. Does every freaking summer have to be like this?
    Next year I will take my holiday in July and let the others deal with the fallout. Or even find something else to do outside the translation/localisation business.
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Another new year, and so it's once again time to summarise the old one. So here we go: )
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I got a file back from a Danish translator this afternoon, who complained that a sentence in the otherwise English source text was in Italian. So I spent 15 minutes rummaging around in our office library looking for an Italian-Swedish or Italian-English (or, indeed, Italian-anything at all) dictionary, without any luck, but I found some other weird shit:

Немецко-русский ракетно-космический словарь

That is, for those of you who don't read Cyrillic, a German-Russian dictionary of astronautics and rocket science, published in 1972 by the Soviet Ministry of Defence.

Among other things I found was a Russian-Burmese pocket dictionary, a French encyclopedia of agriculture and various other reference books with a very narrow focus... But nothing, nothing for Italian. And that's possibly the most absurd thing of all, for a company like ours.
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From a mail I just sent to a client PM:
"Bugs are like zombies: if you don't destroy them properly they'll keep coming back to bite you."
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Looking back, one of the best decisions I've ever made was to start at LocalEyes; another of my best moves ever was to quit while there was anything left of me. Even if there were good things about the job, the bad things carried more weight in the end.

So anyway, today it's two years since I started working at Interverbum. So far, I haven't regretted my decision.
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So we're a week into 2007, and I've managed to find enough empty spaces in my schedule to think about 2006. Behold a not-so-brief summary: )
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Today, with the launch of the new iPod shuffle, the last Apple hardware device where I was directly involved in the translation (i.e. the old shuffle, where I translated and DTP:d the Swedish manual and parts of the packaging) has been retired. Of course my translations (like those by [ profile] jophan, [ profile] tuwr, [ profile] sunjan and [ profile] kjn, some of which I based mine on) will be recycled, paraphrased and reused for as long as Apple keep localising their stuff. I suppose it counts as immortality, after a fashion.

EDIT: Nice thoughts to my old co-workers, who must have had (and probably are still having) a hellish day today. When I talked to [ profile] thette this morning, she said it is quite obvious that I am happy to be out of there, even a year and a half after I quit...
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