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Another year over, and a new one just begun. It's getting to be a habit.

So, a short (at least by my standards) summary of 2009:


Things, as always, go up and down. We've had some problems; due to a bad financial state (only partially related to the global crisis; much of it was a crisis we had engineered ourselves!) that is only now turning around, ten people were laid off, and along with that our co-worker Fredrik died in an accident. The period from mid-February to late June was actually rather stressful, not just in terms of workload; with everything else it was enough to make me question whether I wanted to stay. My holidays (more about that later) came at the right time.
It's less fun than it used to be, but I haven't decided to quit; things will have to get a good deal worse for that.


Things are getting more organised all the time. The same day that I got my iPhone, I bought a very nice buffet from IKEA, which I assembled with the help of [ profile] rosenmynta . It really helped get my kitchen into order.


My fanac is picking up again. In April, I went to Gothenburg and AlcoCon III, which was a very pleasant experience, not least because I met and befriended the very splendid and worthwhile [ profile] egghunter; unfortunately I had to skip Aplakonen for reasons of time and money, but in October, I visited Imagicon 2. I'm having fun in fandom again! :-D


In the end, I couldn't fight the temptation, and went out and got an iPhone. It's worth a lot to have one device in my pocket rather than three (phone, iPod, Palm). I really, really like it.

My trusty old Powershot A80 broke down during AlcoCon, and I had to make do with the phone camera.

In short succession, I got a replacement camera (a PowerShot SX200 IS) and a netbook (Samsung N120). Very happy with both.

When [ profile] darnia and [ profile] gloinul moved, [ profile] darnia no longer wanted her old PC — which I gave to her when I moved. I took it back and am now using it as a makeshift entertainment centre (iTunes, movies, things like that).

Finally gave in and bought a flat-screen TV to replace my old 28" Samsung, which I sold to [ profile] sunjan 's brother. The PC I mentioned earlier is connected to it with a VGA cable, as I never got the DVI-to-HDMI connection to work properly.


After last year's top notation for the decade, I lost interest and energy around midsummer and haven't finished a book since then, unfortunately.
  1. Damon Rasti & Gloria Hedman (editors): Tjuvlyssnat (2008)
  2. Brian Stableford: Rhapsody in Black (1973)
  3. William Emms: Galaxy 4 (audiobook; 1965)
  4. Terry Nation: Genesis of the Daleks/Bernard Venables: Exploration Earth (audiobook; 1976)
  5. Nicholas Briggs: The Sirens of Time (audiobook; 1999)
  6. Mark Gatiss: Phantasmagoria (audiobook; 1999)
  7. Brian Hayles: The Smugglers (audiobook; 1966)
  8. Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman: Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (audiobook; 2002)
  9. Donald Cotton: The Myth Makers (audiobook; 1965)
  10. Justin Richards: Whispers of Terror (audiobook; 1999)
  11. Stephen Cole: The Land of the Dead (audiobook; 2000)
  12. Jonathan Blum: The Fearmonger (audiobook; 2000)
  13. Jean-David Morvan & José-Luis Munuera: På uppdrag av Z (Aux sources du Z, 2008)


New releases bought this year:
  • Depeche Mode: Sounds Of The Universe (the fricking huge box)
  • Depeche Mode: Wrong (single; CD and 7")
  • Esplendor Geométrico: Pulsion (CD)
  • Die Form: Noir Magnétique (download)
  • John Foxx: My Lost City (CD)
  • John Foxx & Robin Guthrie: Mirrorball (download)
  • John Foxx & The Maths: Destination (single, download)
  • Louis Gordon: EST/The Motion Picture Event Of The Year (2CD)
  • Louis Gordon: This Air (single; both download and limited edition vinyl 7")
  • Johan Kinde: Jag Hade Slutat Drömma Om Att Känna Så Här (single, download)
  • Pet Shop Boys: Christmas (CD single)
  • Rhea Tucanae & Pixyblink: Fungi From Yuggoth (download)


I have photos of nearly all these bands; just follow the links from the respective events.


Not as much as 2008, but quite enough to go on with.


AlcoCon III in Gothenburg.

I had planned to go to the Arvika festival and see Depeche Mode, but in the end I found it easier to go to Copenhagen. First to Gothenburg to see [ profile] egghunter (who, I confess, was my main reason for taking that route!), then down the E6 to Copenhagen, where I spent two days. From Copenhagen I took the train up to Elsinore, and then the ferry to Helsingborg, the train to Halmstad, the bus to Alvesta, and the train to Värnamo, where I visited [ profile] thette, [ profile] kjn and [ profile] hulda for a couple of days before I went back home. A long but intensely fulfilling trip.

A three-day trip to Gothenburg to see [info]egghunter and DJ with her.

And, once again, I never got around to visiting [ profile] lundbomikent and Cirkux in Kent. I still have plans, and am aiming at this summer.


No one else has died, and everyone is reasonably well. Our cat Lennart will most likely be put to sleep next week; he is nearly 17 years old and increasingly weak and tired. I'll miss him. :-(


The limbo I spoke of last year quietly fizzled out to nothing. Too bad, but while she is a very nice woman (kind, intelligent, and quite beautiful), she doesn't have a geeky bone in her body. We're still friends, but after a certain point we didn't quite understand each other.
On the other hand, I met [ profile] egghunter, who has very quickly become one of my closer friends and without whom 2009 would probably have been much crappier.

So, to summarise: it's been a pretty rough year with deaths and layoffs and things like that, but it could have been much, much worse.

Best wishes for 2010, everyone, and thanks for making 2009 a decent year against all odds!
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