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New: a permanent dental crown (PFM, with two grams of gold and some palladium and platinum), looking almost perfectly natural, and an invoice of 6,382 SEK...
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Dentist visit again this Wednesday. Got a temporary crown fitted on the little stump that now remains of my root-canalled molar after my dentist spent the best part of an hour drilling and grinding away the old filling and most of what was left of the tooth. Rather painful, despite the anaesthetic. The placeholder looks like this (you may not want to see it, mind you).
The permanent crown will be ready next Friday, at a preliminary cost of 6200 SEK. Ouch.
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The molar I had root canalled last year is starting to feel sore. I can handle it, and it only hurts when I bite down on it, but to be on the safe side I have booked an appointment with my dentist on Friday afternoon to see what's wrong with it before I go to Glasgow. Wish me luck.
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I have stopped bleeding and can safely eat and drink again, provided I chew on the right side of my mouth. I won't give you any details, seeing as some of you are probably sweating and shivering at the mere thought of the dentist, but it was a mostly painless, if rather nasty, experience. When I could examine my extracted 2-8, I could plainly see that it was not at all in good shape and would probably have started making my life miserable before too long...

But anyway I was well enough to go to work afterwards. It's not bad: as I said yesterday, I have a room of my own, rather small though it is, and even if it only faces a boring backyard at least I have a window I can look out through and even open if it gets too hot here. I've brought my Vernon's Tea Maker and a couple of jars of proper tea, so I won't have to live on Earl Grey teabags, and I might bring some personal possessions. My phone has been assigned an extension, I have my keycard so I can get in without ringing the bell, my project manager (it will be some days before I can take that role myself) says she's very happy with my speed and accuracy... Things are looking well.

Next I'll check with the admin if it's OK to install iTunes, or if it's against work policies.
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Today has been... hectic, to say the least. When I got back from the dentist at around 11, my inbox was a complete mess of new projects, some of which had very tight deadlines — the two biggest projects were due at 12:30 and 13:00. Which is why I didn't have the time to eat more than a sandwich today.

What, then, were these urgent projects? Why, this is one of the pages I translated...
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Back to the dentist yesterday to get my temporary filling replaced by a real one, so now I have a hole in my wallet instead of in my tooth. I know some of you don't like dentists much, so I won't go into much detail; suffice it to say that it was an interesting and not entirely pleasant, though almost completely painless, experience. I'm going back in a month to finish it...

Just in case anyone is interested, these are the 25 most recently played songs in my iTunes jukebox:

Edith Piaf: L'Accordeoniste
Aviador Dro: Mala Imagen
Laibach: Achtung!
Orbital: Frenetic
Momus: The Guitar Lesson
Severed Heads: Harold & Cindy Hospital
Christopher Franke: Main Title 4th Season
Orbital: Dŵr Budr
Mothers Of Invention: Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
Twice A Man: Pyramus And Thisbe
Orbital: The Box (part one)
Beatles: I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Max Raabe: Ballade vom angenehmen Leben
PaPERHOUsE: Got Would
Yellow Magic Orchestra: Light In Darkness 灯
Laibach: Decree
John Foxx: My Face
Beborn Beton: Twisted
Serge Gainsbourg: L'anthracite
The Sisters Of Mercy: Kiss The Carpet
Alphaville: Sounds Like A Melody
Fixmer/McCarthy: Spinner
Frank Zappa: San Ber'dino
John Foxx: A New Kind Of Man
Jacques Brel: L'ivrogne


James Randi is coming to Stockholm tonight. He's holding a lecture titled "Science and Delusion" at ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, at 19:00. I'll be there, as his last lecture (last December) was quite interesting.


As of two days ago, .Mac now offers 250MB of combined e-mail/iDisk storage, as opposed to the earlier 15MB for mail and 100MB for the iDisk. Which, in turn, means I can put more photos online. Yay.
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I know that I haven't always been taking care of my dental hygiene the way I should have. Over the past year or so I have started minding it more, but still it was too late to avoid some of the effects of my earlier neglect. Which is the reason I have no sensation at all in the right side of my mouth at the moment. And I will now tell you the details.

Last night, a molar that's been giving me gyp on and off for some time now went berserk and started hurting like the great-great-grandmother of bloody FUCK. Kept me awake until 2, it did; the only thing I could do not to start howling like a sad puppy was to switch on the computer and start working again, to keep my mind off the agony (and I even translated 650 words before the pain went away enough to let me sleep).

Apart from being bloody tired from too little sleep, I was OK until right before lunch today, when it started again. And this time it wouldn't stop. Most of all, it felt like someone hammering a nail into my jaw. Finally I almost broke down, left my projects to my co-workers and went to see an emergency dentist, who said a propos the hole that you could almost throw in your hat; not as much a cavity as a cave. So now I've had a root canal and will go back to replace the temporary filling with a permanent one next week. I hope that bloody tooth died in agony; serve it right, after all it's done to me. (Thank God I am not afraid of going to the dentist. I much prefer dentists to spiders — consider, e.g., the relative scarcity of eyes and poison fangs and long, hairy legs in a regular dentist.)

Strange how you can be almost giddy with euphoria over a root canal. I don't mean that having a root canal, with all the boring and scraping that made strange sounds in my skull, was a pure, undiluted pleasure even with the 100% effective anaesthesia, but not being in pain definitely is.
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