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2016-10-20 05:00 pm
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Mitt liv just nu

Nu har Eva och jag bott ihop i tre månader. I och med inflyttningsfesten 24/9 känns det som om flytten till slut är över. Det här har annars uppfyllt nästan all vår lediga tid under ett halvår, men nu är vi äntligen i hamn och har ett fungerande hem. Allt är kanske inte perfekt – jag kunde önska att byggarbetarna utanför fönstret inte började slamra halv sju på morgonen – men på det stora hela trivs jag bättre med mitt liv än på mången god dag, kanske någonsin. Det gick lättare än någon av oss trodde att anpassa oss till sambolivet, och vi är mycket nöjda.

Naturligtvis finns det fortfarande saker som måste göras, mestadels ganska små som att sätta upp gardinstångsfästen och tavlor. Gästrummet är inte klart än; bl.a. måste vi skaffa en bäddsoffa så vi faktiskt kan inkvartera gäster där. Vidare ska jag dokumentera de sista resterna av datorsamlingen som dök upp under flytten så att jag kan lägga ut bortskänkesannonser på Facebook, gå igenom och göra mig av med gamla musiktidningar, slänga gamla tentor som jag inte tittat på de senaste 20 åren... Men nu har vi åtminstone plats till det.

I morse fick vi också schemat för stambytet. Eftersom de tar portarna i nummerordning och vi bor på nummer 60 tar det ett års arbete innan de kommer fram till oss; alltså kommer vi att få stambytt i januari-mars 2018. Det betyder att vi inte kan vänta, som vi från början hade tänkt, med att fixa belysningen på gästtoaletten (som de gamla ägarna verkar ha förstört), utan vi måste ordna belysning och badrumsskåp. Tre-fyra månader kan vi stå ut, 15-18 månader blir för mycket. Eva ska börja ringa runt till elektriker snart och begära in offerter för att fixa fungerande armaturer och ordna ett par uttag. (Elen ska också "stambytas". Kanske kan vi få trefas till spisen i samband med det?)

Nåja, kontentan är i alla fall att vi trivs tillsammans i vårt nya hem.

[SUMMARY IN ENGLISH: The move is finally over, we're mostly settled into our new home, and are feeling more content with our lives than in a long time, maybe ever.]
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2008-01-06 05:35 pm

Looking back on 2007

Another new year, and so it's once again time to summarise the old one. So here we go: )
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2007-03-14 11:45 pm
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Moving: final inspection

I got a letter from Botkyrkabyggen today with the protocol from the final inspection. They found nothing more to complain about. Now I only have to pay 1,381 SEK for new wallpaper in the blue bedroom, and then it's finally OVER.
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2007-03-05 02:38 pm
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[Svenska] Inflyttningsfest

Nu har jag tänkt, och jag tror det är möjligt att kunna ha en inflyttningsfest någon av lördagarna 31 mars eller 14 april. Kanske snarare det senare datumet.

Det får nog faktiskt bli 14 april.

Summary in English:
Thoughts about housewarming party. I don't imagine any of my non-Swedish readers is planning to come anyway.
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2007-03-01 03:35 pm
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Moving: over and out

Finally, I have performed the final cleaning (yesterday with the invaluable help of [ profile] thette and Anna WINOLJ), locked the door for the last time (not without some sadness; after all I've lived there for five and a half years) and handed in my keys. If Botkyrkabyggen are not satisfied will with my cleaning, I'm going to tell them to just hire a professional and give me the bill. I'm completely fed up now, and will gladly pay up to a couple of thousand just to never have to bother with Alby again.

If I wasn't too tired to feel much at all, I would be happy now. I guess I will be after I've had some serious rest. (And a bath. I think I smell pretty bad today.)

Thank you to everyone who helped me, by encouraging words or back-breaking deeds; I couldn't have done it without you.

Also, today it is 11 years since I moved into my first one-room flat in Uppsala, next door to [ profile] zrajm (and, incidentally, 11 years since Foetus played in Gävle; I was there). Time flies like a banana, or whatever he said.

I don't really like this mood icon for "exhausted". Looks more like "drunk" to me.

EDIT 071106:
Fixed typo.
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2007-02-07 09:00 pm
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Moving: status report

I have managed to hook up my stereo as well as I could with the cables I have here. (The rest of the equipment is still in Alby. I'm going there tomorrow to pick it up; no time or energy tonight.)
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2007-02-05 02:44 pm

Moving: furniture

I've given some thought to the furniture in my new place. With the two new sofas (one two- and one three-seater) there was no room for the huge armchairs in my old living room, so I left them where they were. I'm starting to have second thoughts about at least one of them, as I think it would fit just nicely into my bedroom, just in front of the window.

I'm looking into the question of transport. Perhaps I should rent one of these for a day (four hours may be too tight). I'll think about it for a day or two.
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2007-02-02 03:36 pm
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Moving: keys!

Now I have the keys to my new flat. Hooray! And this morning Anna and her boyfriend came by to pick up a desk, a sofa and two bookcases, and helped me dump an old armchair at the same time. More space for putting crates!

My ADSL and telephone are shut off here and waiting to be activated at the new place, so I'm writing this through my neighbour's unprotected wireless network. Logging off in a minute to get back to packing.

If you want to reach me over the next few days, call me at 070-781 28 94; I won't be on a landline until Sunday at the *very* best, and will not have the time nor the opportunity to get online until I'm back at the office on Monday.
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2007-01-19 01:50 pm
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Moving: laser printers

Today I noticed that there is a little laser printer (an HP LaserJet 6L) lying around on a shelf in a co-worker's room, along with an external HP CD-R drive (parallel, not USB, with no power adapter). She's never used it, no one has asked for it or even touched it since she moved into that room over a year ago, and it seems it's just taking up space.

I'm thinking of asking our IT expert Ioannis if he thinks anyone will ever need it again, or if I can take it. The thing is that my current printer (an Apple LaserWriter 16/600PS) is a humongous network printer; with the LJ 6L and an external printer server (about the size of a remote control and costs about 500 SEK) I can have the same functionality but with a third of the current weight and space.

So, if this works out: anyone in Stockholm or Uppsala need an Apple network laser?
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2007-01-15 11:41 am
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[Svenska] Flytt: datum spikat

Nu har jag bokat en flyttbil (lätt lastbil med bakgavelhiss) från 9.30 3 februari till 9.30 4 februari. Folk som vill hjälpa mig fylla den får gärna dyka upp i Alby ca 10-10.30. Till dess räknar jag med att ha packat och paketerat allt.

ENGLISH: Sorry about the Swedish, but I don't reckon any of my overseas readers will pop over to help me move on February 3.
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2006-11-17 12:47 pm
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New contract

Yesterday I signed the lease for the new flat. The wheels are set in motion, the feeling of "Oh God, what have I done" is starting to go away, and now I need to pack things up and fix a dozen other things of a practical nature.

I have already called Bredbandsbolaget and told them I am moving on February 1. Now I need to call the power company and cancel my account, as electricity is included in the rent at the new place. (Cable TV isn't, though, so that's another thing I need to take care of.)

Next: research cars.
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2006-11-09 11:11 pm
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Moving house: more details

So anyway: at the beginning of February, I will be moving from point 1 on this satellite picture to point 2, changing the way to point 3 (my job) from the red line on the map to the green line. (No, the colours have nothing to do with the metro lines.)

The new flat on Tönsbergsgatan 7 is two rooms and a rather large kitchen, 67 m², on the second floor. (The address is rather fitting too: my great-grandmother was from Tønsberg.) I have an appointment with the landlord to sign the contract Thursday next week; before that I will need to give Botkyrkabyggen my notice.

I will post about this again when I know more about the practical details.