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Spent a few hours today helping [ profile] darnia and [ profile] gloinul registering books in BookCAT as a preparation for the move. I did a double take when I came to an edition of Animal Farm, but when I read the back blurb again I saw that the introduction was indeed written by C.M. Woodhouse, and not whom I first thought it said. ("Kemal Atatürk, the Man, by E.W. Swanton with a foreword by Paul Anka, page 91, please!")

And then, of course, my sick and twisted mind started toying with the idea of an Animal Farm/Blandings crossover...
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"Barn är ett folk och de bor i ett främmande land. Man kan ge dem Myrr. Då dör de. Glad midsommar!" – Emma ("Ebichu") i ett SMS runt midsommar 2003

Jag instämmer till fullo.
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As weird cookbooks go, this beats that roadkill cookbook hands down. Mind you, it's the kind of book I might buy just because of the sheer weirdness of it — but no, I won't try any of the recipes, not if I live to be a million, and if you do, I'm not sure I want to know.
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My YMCK CD arrived yesterday. It is a proper, pressed CD and not a CD-R, but as the label Usagi-Chang doesn't have any distribution outside Japan yet, all foreign orders are handled by the band themselves. (The return address was band member Takeshi Yokemura's home address, and the little green customs declaration form was signed by vocalist Midori Kurihara. How's that for a personal touch?)


Last night I had the strangest dream.

We (at least myself and a girl; I've known her all my life — in my dream, that is) land on a small island off the coast where the people seem like inbred village idiots, but soon turn out to be Deep Ones (see Lovecraft's "The Shadow over Innsmouth" and the not-too-bad film based on it Dagon). They try to either kill us or, worse, change us into them (the Deep Ones with a whiff of the Borg!). Luckily we run into Dirk Ivens, who helps us keep away from them for a while.

But finally, after a wrong turn, we are cornered in a sort of temple, and their human disguise is starting to slough off as they close in on us (me and the girl). Suddenly we notice that the floor in the temple is just a sheet of tarpaulin over a body of water, and starting to crack. The girl looks at me. "If we stay here we're certain to die horribly. Going down there is only probable death," she whispers, grabs my arm and dives into the water, pulling me with her.

The water is horribly deep and black and slightly oily, and my lungs are probably going to burst any second, but at least I don't feel any tentacles around me. Finally there is light far, far above, and we swim upwards and break the surface in a bustling harbour in a big city. We climb out of the water as fast as we can in case something is in pursuit, dirty, wet, miserable, shivering, but alive. And while we're trying to found out where the hell we are, a voice starts talking about cultural politics, and then I wake up and realise it's my radio.

I won't even try to analyse this, and I'm definitely not contacting Dive to ask what the hell he's doing in my dreams...
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Slussen 19.30:
<pling pläng plong skrap> "Ett meddelande till resande med tunnelbanan: vi har för närvarande inga störningar i trafiken på tunnelbanans röda linje. Inte heller gröna eller blå linjen har några störningar." <klick>

Min kväll blev just lite konstigare.
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