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posted by [personal profile] awahlbom at 11:39pm on 20/11/2005 under , , , , ,
Today, [ profile] thette visited me for a brief introduction into the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We watched the following episodes:

1:12 Prophecy Girl
2:14 Innocence
2:22 Becoming part II
3:9 The Wish
3:16 Doppelgängland
4:10 Hush [genuinely scary in parts!]
4:22 Restless

Most of it was very good, and parts of it even brilliant. After several of my friends whose judgement I trust have talked at some length about how brilliant this series is, I have finally been converted. I have a long viewing ahead of me, it seems...

(Also, I found a videotape today, with the film titles Mitt liv som hund and Mannen som slutade röka in a hand I don't recognise. I'm buggered if I know where it came from and how it ended up with me; I even find it a bit creepy, and suspect there is some kind of gnome coming into people's homes at night to drop off strange VHS tapes on their bedroom floors. While less likely, this theory is more emotionally satisfying than "I borrowed this tape from someone last year but forgot from whom, what with my memory being slightly worse than that of your everyday goldfish".)
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posted by [personal profile] awahlbom at 12:29pm on 19/06/2005 under ,
A lesson in mixed emotions: while I am happy that music from outside the Anglo-Saxon sphere can still make an impact on the Swedish charts, did it have to be Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil?
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posted by [personal profile] awahlbom at 04:26pm on 05/04/2005 under ,
Dream last night, around 4:30:
You can temporarily enhance your skills (any skills) by mentally uplinking to a hive-mind composed of the souls of the dead. By establishing this link (done, I seem to remember, by dialling a payphone number at an exorbitant fee), I am suddenly able to drive a car perfectly at incredible speeds in heavy traffic. There is a feeling of tremendous power, of heightened senses and of lightning-fast reactions, but also of utter terror. I can feel them inside my head, minds polite but vast and cool and unsympathetic, only cooperating because some sort of supernatural contract obliges them to. Imagine, if you will, a nazgûl fallen on hard times and working as a tourist guide; that is the general feeling, of a terrifying creature being polite of necessity, and who might dispense with politeness if you provoke it enough. It is made clear to me somehow that the feeling of terror is an intentional tradeoff so living people won't abuse it, for the dead do not gladly suffer to be disturbed except by emergencies, and even then they resent it strongly. Therefore, it is purposely made as frightening as possible, so that the service will only be used when the alternative is even more terrifying. They are bound by the Contract to help those who contact them to the best of their abilities, but no force on either side of the veil can make them like it.

This is not the whole dream, of course, but only a fragment of it. There was a girl in it too, who was someone I slightly know and would like to know better IRL, and yet she wasn't. And fire. And a strange underground station. I don't really remember much more. Anyhow, if any weird horror writer would like to use this idea, do so.
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As weird cookbooks go, this beats that roadkill cookbook hands down. Mind you, it's the kind of book I might buy just because of the sheer weirdness of it — but no, I won't try any of the recipes, not if I live to be a million, and if you do, I'm not sure I want to know.
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This job is fun sometimes. At least when you get to translate strings like "Contains Body Part". (It's for a CT scanning system, if you're wondering. It's for storing a scan of the body part, and not for storing the actual part. I hope.)
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Co-worker J comes up to me and says: "You did notice that Cthulhu is back?" — referring, of course, to a book I lent him about a year ago and that he left on my desk this weekend. I gently remind him that the phrase "Cthulhu's back" should not be used lightly... :-)
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I want one of these...

It is the t-shirt that I want, not the cephaloPod, nor its holder.

EDIT 081126:
Fixed b0rken link and image.
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