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In February, I accomplished the following:
  1. Rearranged the furniture in my bedroom, including assembling a bureau and moving bookcases around.
  2. Got an 80cm Billy bookcase to replace one of the two 60cms.
  3. Sold my old Jerker workstation desk and the aforementioned 60cm Billy. (The other one I gave to [ profile] sunjan, who needed it.) I got a total of 500 SEK for both.
  4. Finished sorting the last of the four crates under my bed.
  5. In the first sorting of all my crap (see previous point), I have used these three categories for anything that wasn't immediately sortable as books, stationery, magazines or various audiovisual media: paper, junk, and "thingies". The junk easily breaks down into "recyclable" and "non-recyclable", the paper into "save", "shred" and "on second thought, reclassify as recyclable junk", and the "thingies" into "keep", "give away and then dump/recycle", and "dump/recycle". I have gone through the two and a half packing boxes of "thingies" and condensed the "keep" part into slightly less than one, which I intend to sort further Any Day Now. It's mostly cables.
  6. Gave three boxes of records (both CD and vinyl) [EDIT: and a couple of books] to charity.
  7. Checked four boxes of old 3½" diskettes, copied the porn few files worth keeping, and threw away the rest. A total of seven kilos. [EDIT: The boxes themselves probably account for another kilo.]
  8. Sold the rest of the records, and got a total of 2,020 SEK for them.
  9. Gone through five Pappis boxes of magazines, thrown away one third and catalogued the rest.
Not too bad, I think.
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Sometimes you have to live in a place for a year or so before you start seeing better ways to arrange things. This weekend I rearranged some furniture in my bedroom.

On Saturday, I went to IKEA together with [ profile] sunjan, Justina and little Elias to buy a bureau. With some help from [ profile] darnia, I moved one of my 80cm Billy bookcases to the long side of the wall, took off the lower half of the back panel, sawed out a notch at the back of the bottom shelf for the wall socket, plugged in an extension cord, routed the cord behind and on the side of the bookcase, and put it in the space between two other Billys. After that, it was just a question of moving the books...

The empty space at the short side of the room was soon filled by the 60cm Billy I had standing by the foot of the bed, which in turn gave me a place for the Jonas bureau. It took nearly three hours to put the bloody thing together, what with the nearly 60 screws, 40 wooden plugs, 30+ nails and various other hinges and drawers and other details that needed to be assembled. I got a very nice blister on my thumb from the screwdriver.

But finally I got everything in place, and now I have a slightly better working space than my kitchen table. Worth the sweat and money, I think.
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I've given some thought to the furniture in my new place. With the two new sofas (one two- and one three-seater) there was no room for the huge armchairs in my old living room, so I left them where they were. I'm starting to have second thoughts about at least one of them, as I think it would fit just nicely into my bedroom, just in front of the window.

I'm looking into the question of transport. Perhaps I should rent one of these for a day (four hours may be too tight). I'll think about it for a day or two.


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