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My dear sister sent me an MMS message this morning with this picture and some statistics:

Name: Elvira Karin Linnea Wahlbom (or possibly Hallbeck)
Born: December 20, 19:49 CET
Weight: 3,520 g
Height: 53 cm

I hope to make the acquaintance of this young lady over Christmas.
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My father called me earlier tonight. Around 8 PM CET, my youngest sister Ronja gave birth to a baby girl. I don't know anything more yet, except that both mother and daughter are well.

More info when I get any. Hooray! :-D
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This afternoon, my sister Cecilia gave birth to an itty bitty baby boy — 58 cms, 5,854 g. No wonder she looked unusually like a beachball, even for being pregnant, when I visited last weekend... My sister stresses that Ture Sten Sture was only his "project name" and that he will not be called that.

So now I am an uncle once again, and little Pelle has a brother. Whee!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] jophan!

Among other people born today we find my maternal grandmother Lilian, who turns 75 today. I have called her and wished her a happy 75th and told her to get well, as she is in bad health right now.
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My brother tells me in an SMS that my young niece Siri, who is now seven months old, really digs Laibach's Opus Dei. Best to get them while they're young, neh?
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My brother just SMSed me and told me that old Maja, our family cat, was put to sleep this morning. Over the past year, she had lost most of her hearing, was almost completely blind with cataracts (she could probably see strong sunlight), and would amble around bumping into things. Although she sometimes screamed loudly (day and night!), she didn't seem to be in any pain; I think she was just afraid and feeling lonely, because when we stroked her she calmed down and started purring. It is a small miracle that she lived to be 17 years old next to a heavily-trafficked street. I am happy my parents made this decision and let her die with some dignity left.

This picture, which I took in mid-June, is one of the last pictures I have of Maja, in the arms of my sister Ronja. Note the enormous pupils, even in the midday sun.

So farewell, dear old matriarch and ancestress of Lennart, Nikodemus, Lydia (who proved to be a boy), Spock (who was seriously ill himself and put to sleep last week), Kaos, Lisa and a dozen other cats spread around friends and family, and may the earth rest lightly on you! I will never forget you. :-
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Dad just called me and told me that young Siri is on the web. I'm not sure anyone is interested...

I'm just about to leave the office -- I feel much more comfortable knowing that I can deliver 4500 words on Monday. I need to pack, check and double-check a ton of things before I can leave for Arvika. I don't expect to get to bed until two-ish. :-P
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In 48 hours, I'm heading for Arvika and the Arvika Festival. Skinny Puppy and Kraftwerk at the same festival -- what more can you want? (To answer my own question: I would have liked Laibach, John Foxx & Louis Gordon, Aviador Dro and Esplendor Geométrico as well... Ah well, you can't have everything.)

I might write reports from the festival, provided the GPRS coverage out there is up to scratch. I will be bringing my Palm and mobile phone, possibly the iBook as well, so I can be in touch if I want to.

On a different note: I have now seen pictures of my young niece. Looks very much like any other baby I've seen, all bald, pink, toothless and wrinkled. I look forward to meeting her in the flesh in about two weeks.
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