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2008-11-15 11:49 pm

Time and again

[ profile] thette and Hulda are back from up north, and we have now finished The Two Doctors and The Time Warrior. The chemistry between Three and Sarah Jane is evident from the start — and by that I don't mean the bowl of saltpetre standing between them on the table.
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2008-11-15 12:42 pm

The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp

No in-depth review; just wanted to note that the villain Sil looks and acts much like a Ferengi played by von Smallhausen, and also that Brian Blessed is so ridiculously over the top that he sometimes crosses over into unintentional parody. Not to say that it wasn't enjoyable, of course.
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2008-11-10 11:59 pm
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The Three Doctors

[ profile] thette and I have just watched The Three Doctors. Enjoyable and entertaining, and Pertwee and Troughton aren't half bad playing off each other, but the special effects left... something to be desired, and CAPSLOCK!EMO!OMEGA throwing a tantrum was more laughable than scary.