May 23rd, 2017
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I am still reeling from the four new episodes of Twin Peaks last night, and have spent the day immersing myself in reactions and reviews and just glorying in the feeling of being here, now, to see it all happen as I didn't the first time around. (Look, I was 10. Twin Peaks scared the living daylights out of me at 16 - I don't even want to know what it would have done to me younger than that!)

It's been great fun to see how everyone else is similarly having their mind blown and turning to the internet to ask the question what the fuck did I just watch? Some people don't like this experience, of course, but I've picked out some of my very favorite reviews. Mostly because I'm still to a-flail and agog to write anything this nice and coherent myself!

Under the cut for those who want to know nothing about The Return, but I promise none of the review excerpts will have spoilers! The reviews themselves have plenty, though, so click through at your own risk.

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Also! If you're curious about Twin Peaks: The Return but haven't watched Fire Walk With Me? Do. There's a lot of stuff going on that makes (relatively) more sense if you know what happens in that movie. (I don't think the Missing Pieces/extended cut is necessary, though I haven't seen that one myself.) If you want more details just ask me I am literally struggling to think/talk about anything but Twin Peaks at the moment!
May 22nd, 2017
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Twenty-one years ago the Twin Peaks cliffhanger blew my little teenaged mind and left me scrambling to find things (through AltaVista on Netscape...) to maybe help with the whole "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" that I was feeling at the time.

I didn't find anything.

But tonight I watched four new episodes (new episodes!!!) of Twin Peaks (four of them!!!!).

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May 21st, 2017
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We're back from five glorious days of sunshine and clear blue seas and pampered luxury and new discoveries in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It's Sunday and tomorrow is Monday and there will be work and despite the short flight - less than three hours - it feels like a huge shift between there and here.

What I'm trying to say is: muddled today, but had an absolutely amazing time on holiday. Literally could not have asked for anything better - not the weather (we had one single squall that I rode out by swimming around an outdoor pool before warming up in the sauna) or the temperature (hit that sweet spot that is cool enough to enjoy the outdoors but warm enough that basking in the sun is a pure pleasure) or the places we chose to go. And of course, traveling with my [personal profile] doctorskuld is always a joy! ♥

I have brought back lots and lots and lots of pictures. They are still an unsorted, unedited jumble (kind of like my thoughts), but I've pulled a couple from the pile to share just because - this place is gorgeous and I want to share this exciting new discovery!

db-6334 db-6358 db-6509 db-6615

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May 15th, 2017
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We're leaving for Dubrovnik in the small hours of the morning, but the early start will be worth it. According to Dark Sky's amazing emoji forecast, this is how happy we'll be tomorrow afternoon:

Back again Sunday!
May 11th, 2017
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The only thing today that has made me scream in a good way.
May 10th, 2017
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I just finished Jaran by Kate Elliott

I'm glad I got the book on sale, because it wasn't a particularly good fit. This is a me thing, obviously - I love some of Elliot's other writing, and I can see how the novel would push a lot of other readers' buttons. But I'm just not that into (especially hetero) UST, and one of the main driving forces of this story is a will they/won't they straight love story. So it lost me there.

No real spoilers, mostly cut for length )And as I bought the four Jaran books together on sale... I have another three I might force myself to read. Hopefully the next couple will deal with some of the issues I had, and after almost 500 pages I don't dislike Tess or Illya, so... We'll see. Possibly that, next.

Before that I read the novella Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold and had a total blast. It was sweet and fun and Pen is the hapless kind of darling boy who stumbles into a situation that's way over his head and his coping mechanism is just to be nice and trusting to everyone. Including a demon.

I can't even say why but it really worked for me. Extra bonus: there's a whole scene that is very clearly set in my favorite castle in the world, Château de Chillon. It's super cool and old and it's on a little cape sticking into Lake Geneva and there's a moat on the land side so it's nearly impregnable, and the dungeons are so dramatic Lord Byron himself wrote an entire frigging poem about it.

When I first spotted the cover I thought the publishers had just found a random painting out of copyright and stuck it on there just because they needed a castle:

... but then nope this is totally Inspired By the actual Chillon! (Of course, it is also an old painting, which is pretty neat.) Though it did mean I spent the book trying to place all the fictional locations in relation to this very real landmark, which is a silly thing to do! But we used to go swimming right next to the castle in summer; there's a lovely little pebble beach right there. And even as a kid I was a strong enough swimmer that I could make it all the way around the castle in the placid lake waters, and stare up at the tourists leaning out over the parapets or peeking out of castle windows.

So yeah, have a weird dose of nostalgia thanks to that cover. It's so iconic, though! I mean, it looks the exact same today, minus the Bernese flag displayed so proudly in the painting. Here's my train-window pic for comparison:

Chillon castle from the train

I wish I had my album of really good pics taken on a day when the sky was overcast and the lake had the most amazing jade color, but that trip was way before digital cameras were a thing... 


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